Charlton Village

Past and Present (and Weather Forecast)


Charlton Village appears in the Domesday Book as ‘Cerdentone’, when Roger de Rames held it. Its domesday assets were: 5 hides and 1½ ploughs (with potential for 3½). Strictly speaking it is a hamlet – traditionally defined as a village that does not have its own church but belongs to a parish of another village or town. The oldest building in the Village is the popular thatched Harrow inn, dating back to the 15th century, reputedly being the longest continuously inhabited building in what was Middlesex. Views of Charlton circa 1086, 1610 and 1890.

Charlton’s history is largely agricultural and up until the early part of the last century comprised a cluster of two or three larger farm houses and smaller dwellings for the farm labourers. This was to change in 1925 when the Queen Mary Reservoir was built, drowning 700 acres of land immediately to the west of the Village and, at 45ft high, dominating the area. Between the Village and the A308 Staines Road West, to the north, is located a large water treatment complex. To the east the M3 and south Charlton Lane form the other Village limits.

The Village currently consists of 393 dwellings, five specialist shops and a village store. There are also two working farms and two stables that organize show events during the year that, together with the Green Belt, reinforce the rural aspect of the Village.


Charlton is a located in the borough of Spelthorne in the County of Surrey. Positioned approximately four miles from Heathrow Airport, and only one mile from the world famous Shepperton Studios, part of the Pinewood Group.

Great links from the village by road and rail mean that access to central London is easily achieved.  Waterloo from Upper Halliford or Shepperton stations, via Kingston and Wimbledon, is around 50 minutes.

Junction 1 of the M3 is 2 miles and Junction 11 of the M25 is 5 miles. Bus Route 400 runs through Charlton from Staines to Walton.  Check the timetable, though, as the service is infrequent.

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4 thoughts on “Charlton Village

  1. Hi there. My Mother lived at Harrow Farm in Charlton around 1930 and I wondered if your residents association know if this farm is still in existence as I cannot see it on a current map.
    Thank you


  2. Hi Wendy
    Thanks for replying with information. I forgot to see if anyone had responded to my request. I shall now locate Harrow farm. I have pictures of my Mum when she was little in the garden there. Thanks
    Pauline Oickle


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