Working on Your Behalf

Onto the Boring But Important Stuff

  • Traffic Calming

Members of CVRA met with Cllr Ricard Walsh to discuss traffic calming and other Village Matters, the result of which was:

  1. Money is available from Surrey County Council to position White Entrance Gates to the Village.  These will work as an optical illusion to the oncoming traffic so, hopefully, speeds will be reduced.
  2. We are also looking into a Zebra Crossing at the Traffic Island at Hetherington Road.
  3. We have requested giant speed numbers on the road.
  4. There was a request for a mini-roundabout at Queen Mary Road but, at a cost in the region of £50,000, it was deemed there is insufficient traffic to warrant this expense.

Any further suggestions would be most welcome.

We are also liaising with Littleton and Laleham Residents Associations to look to see if we can come up with a long term traffic plan – but the cogs of bureaucracy move very, very slowly!

  • Requests to Council

Requests to Council have also been put in for:

Additional Bins at the New Rd end of the Village, Ditch Clearing; and for Traffic Signage to be cleaned.


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