Developments at Charlton Lane Waste Transfer Centre

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Planning permissions have been granted to develop the existing site at Charlton Lane into an ‘Eco Park’. The proposed structures will cover an area from the M3 to the Railway Line adjacent to Hawthorn Way in Upper Halliford and will stretch north as far as Charlton Village. For full details of the evidence against the project, In brief: The site will consist of a 165ft chimney stack (the height of Nelson’s Column); an Anaerobic Digester which will produce thousands of tonnes of highly combustible methane; and a Gasifier (incinerator) the size of Wembley Stadium, this will burn waste at up to 700 degrees C. The gasification technology is unproven anywhere in the UK to burn household waste and locating it next to large quantities of methane, has serious public safety risks It’s unnecessary and uneconomical. Energy from incinerators produce vast amounts of CO2 gas, the principal cause of climate change. They are an inefficient way to generate electricity and deal with waste disposal. So no better than landfill It will increase pollution in an area which is already the worst in Surrey (being Surrey’s only Air Quality Management Area) Charlton Lane is a rural, greenbelt area where the roads are not equipped to deal with the increased traffic Having looked at the mass of evidence, we believe that this development is unsafe, unnecessary and unhealthy as well as a massive blot on our beautiful countryside. Please support us and SPELTHORNE AGAINST THE ECO PARK ( to oppose this dangerous and disastrous development on our doorstep.