Residents Association

We are delighted to introduce the 2018-19 Charlton Village Residents Association Committee.

Ally Dodsworth – Walnut Tree Road – Chair
Jo O’Connor – Walnut Tree Road

Gill Cowan – Charlton Road

Helen Ferguson – Walnut Tree Road

Shivali Mathur – Perendale Avenue

Peter Moverly  – Charlton House (IT, FB and Website)

Arzu Pearce – Hetherington Road

Magdalena Drozd  – Charlton Road

Greg Kubalanca  – Charlton Road

Denise White – Hetherington Road

We are passionate about preserving the rural and picturesque nature of Charlton Village, and want to help towards making our village a safer place to live.  We would like to encourage and foster a community spirit    We liaise with Spelthorne Borough Council, Surrey County Council among others, on your behalf.  Please contact us with any concerns, views or opinions.   Sign up for the CVRA e-newsletter so we can keep you up to date with the latest news and events.

The Charlton Village Residents Association works hard to look after the village and the interests of its people. We work closely with Surrey County Councillors and Spelthorne Borough Councillors. Our aim is to improve, or at least maintain, the safety and rural aspect of the village.

Neighbourhood Watch
We are fortunate to live in a negligible crime area.  However, we are members of the Neighbourhood Watch scheme. Our Neighbourhood Watch reference number is No 53 Sunbury and Shepperton. Please quote this to your insurance company as some will offer a discount. Our Local PCSO is Colin Gibbons ID NO 11724 who can be often seen in Shepperton should you have any queries, or he is contactable through 101.

What else do we do?

  • Produce a newsletter. This keeps residents up to date with news from the village.
  • We buy, plant and maintain bulbs/flowers for various areas throughout the village
  • Liaise with Spelthorne B.C. on the general upkeep of our village
  • Also through Spelthorne B.C. and Surrey C.C. we make requests to improve our village amenities. Projects include: seating, notice boards, our verges and pathways, Installation of Average speed camera,  and maintain the village gates.
  • We represent your views at any various meetings, including:
    •  Joint Committee, which is a meeting held at Spelthorne on a regular basis.  All the local councillors for Spelthorne are in attendance and also includes Surrey County Council representatives who chair the meeting. This meeting discusses any activity throughout the borough e.g. request from towns and villages in the borough, any new proposals are agreed at this meeting. It also keeps us up to date with any news that may affect our village.
    • Charlton Lane Recycling Liaison Group, which is a meeting that discusses the building, commissioning and operation of the Eco Park. This meeting is held approximately bi-monthly and is made up of local councillors, Committee members from Charlton Village, Shepperton and Sunbury Residents Associations, Environmental Agency, along with many representatives from Suez the current operators andthere also 2/3 residents from Shepperton, Sunbury and Charlton Village.
    • Littleton Lane Gravel – Brett Aggregates, this group meets with the chief executive and officers from Spelthorne B.C., Local Councillors, and Representatives from Laleham, Shepperton and Charlton Village residents associations, This group discuss the plans for this site, it was due to be returned to green belt land and the gravel extraction would cease in 2020. However, over a period from the 1960’s to present there are many businesses that now have rights to remain legally. And we are currently learning about Brett Aggregates plans for this site post any gravel extraction. It is the aim of the group to reduce the footprint of the industrial park and to dramatically reduce any HGV’s that route through the village to this site. We have have support from Spelthorne to achieve this and are waiting the final proposal from the Land Owner (Brett Aggregates). More information will be available soon.
    • Shepperton Studios expansion plan, This is a new group and we are working with the developers to understand the traffic implications for our village and then to present our requests to support the mitigation of the increase in traffic. Next meeting is 16 August 2018.
    • Councillor meetings with Surrey and Spelthorne, this meeting takes place bi-monthly, and this is where we discuss Charlton Village and our requests/representations from all homeowners/residents. Current requests and actions are communicated via the Newsletter.
    • We anticipate each meeting will have a separate page on this website soon which will enable you to keep up to date with any discussions
  • The Annual General Meeting is held each May.

To cover any costs, each household is asked to contribute an annual subscription of £3.00 per year.  We also request £5 towards the hanging baskets which adorn our village throughout Spring and Summer as part of Spelthorne in Bloom.

If you have any problems or queries about the village do contact one of the members of the committee. We may already be addressing the issue or, if we can, we will represent local residents via the above-mentioned meetings.  Above all we would like to help towards making us all safer and help to maintain the rural aspect of our village.



4 thoughts on “Residents Association

    • This is an old post – but we are guessing this was the piling noise which was present from the Eco Park construction – Ally Dodsworth


  1. Has anyone in the village lost or stolen a hold-all type bag with an inflatable and electric motor in it also another bag left outside our home by our wheelie bin last Tues/wed?


    • Thank you for your post – albeit some time ago – we are hoping the owner was found !
      Going forward we do intend to reply to any comments within 48 hours – thank you – Ally Dodsworth


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